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Team 53D
Area 53 Alien Raiders 



Squad 53D

VRC Team 53D is part of the Area 53 Alien Raider's robotics club from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, residing in Greenbelt, Maryland. In team 53D, we all carry our weight, work together, and accomplish our goals. Our team has a long history, starting back in 2015 with the season Nothing But Net. The last season, Spin Up, was the most successful season for 53D as we scored 17th out of 90 participating teams in the Maryland States Tournament. As a team, we aim to use the knowledge gained from past seasons to, undoubtedly, get us to not only states, but also U.S. Open, and subsequently Worlds.

Members of 53D

Dedication. Determination. Discipline. 

Meet Squad D! Squad D is a diverse group of folks that come from all walks of life. Squad D welcomes all people from various walks of life, we wish to help and assist everyone with the best of our ability!

Ajibola Ajani

"Every day on 53D is a lively and fun experience. This team always comes up with unique solutions to problems. I’ve learned more about programming and engineering while in this team than I ever learned in the past."

Emma Cantwell

"Spin up was my first year participating with VRC, and I am proud to say that I have learned many new things this season and my knowledge has expanded. Experiencing hands on building, learning how to build different subsystems, and finally learning what it takes to be a good note booker. As I am the lead note booker, I am excited to pass on my knowledge of note booking upon the new generation of Freshmen next season."

Von Skaggs

"Being on 53D is an exhilarating and collaborative experience, where you work with a dedicated group of teammates to design, build, and compete with robots while honing your problem-solving and engineering skills."


Eli Campos

"Being a part of 53D is a unique experience. On top of being very intelligent and knowledgeable in our level of robotics, all the other team members are very enjoyable to be with. A perfect balance of practical and knowledgeable skills and a know how to make someone have a great time."

Ishika Saha

"I like being on 53D because the team has a fun and positive environment. Everyone can share ideas, and ask questions about things they don't know. My role on the team is a coder, so I help program the robot. To anyone who wants to join the Alien 53 Raiders, 53D is the place to be."

Eric Singer

"Robotics is great."

Former Members/Graduated Members

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Class of 2026

Class of 2025


Brian Sun

Brian Sun

Class of 2019

My time on 53D was amazing, I am still friends with the people I was on a team with till this day. It really helped me realize my passion for robotics and engineering, which helped me decide on my major as a mechanical engineer. Team 53D has always strived to be quick and efficient and also show a presence in VEX


Jasen Yang

Brian Sun

Class of 2019

I honestly made so many friends at Robotics, just the experience of being the captain of a robotics team and working with so many talented guys...being surrounded with so many hard workers and people smarter than me really boosted my own capabilities. This is definitely something I see carrying forward, being surrounded by people you can have friendly competitions with not only strengthens your bonds but also helps you improve.


Juan Jardon

Brian Sun

Class of 2019

I had a great time working on 53D during my first year of robotics. It was a welcoming team and a great learning experience.

unnamed (1).png

Jack Zheng

Brian Sun

Class of 2019

How 53D was like during the year was an experience that was a moment to be remembered. From how we started from zero to getting into states with the team's effort. What I did was for the team was building. Which I had to learn about subsystems and how they work. As a builder I've worked with Juan, Von, and sometimes Emma. Whilst Ajibola works on code, etc. 

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